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East Asian Studies Program

A program of the College of Arts and Science offered through Special Degree Programs and the Department of German and Russian Studies.

Program Options

East Asian Studies Minor

Contact the International Studies Program for more information.

The minor in East Asian Studies consists of 15 hours to be taken in addition to the elementary and intermediate language courses in Chinese, Japanese or Korean that will be used to fulfill the foreign language requirement of the College of Arts and Science. The selection of courses should be made in consultation with a minor adviser who is a member of the East Asian Studies Committee. Since the listed courses are from a variety of departments and programs — Anthropology, Geography, History, Marketing, Philosophy, Political Science, Religious Studies, and German and Russian Studies — consultation with the adviser is important. Students also may take topics courses on East Asia, including general honors courses.

BA in International Studies with an East Asian Area Emphasis

East Asian studies is one of the emphasis areas in the inter- national studies major. The program is multidisciplinary, encompassing course work from the departments of Geography, History, Anthropology, Religious Studies, Political Science and Philosophy, as well as in Chinese, Japanese and Korean. The program focuses on creating an understanding and awareness of the culture, history, politics, geography and languages of the East Asian countries, with an emphasis in China, Japan or Korea. Students are encouraged to begin study of their foreign language no later than the sophomore year. Students should consult with the International Center about appropriate locations for their study abroad experience.

BA in International Business with an East Asian Area Emphasis



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